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Sylvia L had stage 4 lung cancer that had already affected her lymph nodes. After only 2 weeks of using this protocol, all (metastatic) tumors were gone, except for one small (probably benign) tumor. The PET/ CT scan showed these miraculous results!

Patrick D started Quercetin + Vitamin C + green tea (not recommended to start within a week of the start of therapy) on Friday 14 Jun. He had stage 4 bladder cancer. Then, Monday 17 June to his greatest surprise there was no blood in his urine anymore. 22 Jun a preliminary test showed no cancer, but Patrick had to wait about a week for the cell culture test. 5 July the report came back from this test. It was all clear. Cured within 2 weeks!

Sylvia L

Patrick D

Jim B started taking green tea extract right away, which isn't recommended. He didn't dissolve Quercetin + Vitamin C in water as well. Instead, he took a capsule of green tea extract and Quercetin + Vitamin C + Vitamin E right away. He did that on 11 April. He had skin cancer. Then, when he woke up 12 April, he noticed that the skin on his face had shrunk in height. He said that he noticed fast results. Unfortunately we lost contact with Jim, so we don't know what happened to his cancer since that time.

Jim B


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