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How does it work and how is it possible?

This will explain how Quercetin/ Flavonoids work:


Quercetin is an antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals. In doing this, Quercetin converts into a radical molecule. For example, it neutralizes 4 radical molecules and becomes a radical molecule with 4 radicals.

Then it sticks to a DNA molecule. Because there is no water present there, it remains as a radical molecule.

When a cell divides, water approaches this molecule, so it reacts with water causing OH radicals, thereby killing the cell.

Normal cells always repair their entire DNA before cell division, so the radical flavonoid molecule is always removed. So normal cells remain unharmed.

Cancer cells divide before repairing their entire DNA, so they die.

So it's actually a bomb.

A flavonoid molecule is like a bomb that explodes if it's not removed before a cell tries to divide. Cancer cells that divide before reparation die; this happens because the bomb wasn't removed, so it explodes when the cell tries to divide. Normal cells that divide after reparation remove the bomb, so they continue to live.

Cancer cells that do completely repair their DNA before cell division aren't cancer cells anymore (they are normal cells) because they have to wait a long time before cell division.

Normal cells that did not completely repair their DNA before cell division can transfer the mutation to their daughter cells.

So flavonoids kill only cancer cells but not normal cells.

It goes like this:

Normal cell -> completely repaired -> flavonoid bomb removed -> cell divides normally.

Cancer cell -> not completely repaired -> flavonoid bomb explodes -> cell dies during division.

Cancer cell that completely repairs = normal cell.

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